Sam's Missives

The name's Samuel. I'm a psychology undergraduate who loves films, playing video games, reading fiction, and doing a little coding. I was originally going to study cyber security.


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Email: samuel[dash]lucas6[at]pm[dot]me (PGP)



Kryptor: A simple, modern, and secure encryption tool.

Geralt: A cryptographic library for .NET based on libsodium.

ChaCha20-BLAKE2b: A committing AEAD implementation.

ChaCha20-BLAKE3: A committing AEAD implementation.

DoubleSec: A simple, double-paranoid symmetric encryption library.

HKDF.NET: A .NET implementation of HKDF.

Tango12: A stream cipher based on BLAKE2b.

Milva: A simple, cross-platform command line tool for hashing files.

ClipboardClear: Clear your clipboard with one click.